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're going to win the super bowl. >> even workers from the oakland airport posed for a photo and a cheer as the charter jet taxied off the airport fire department gave the team a water salute to send them off. now, the 49ers are expected to land in new orleans a little after 8:00 our time and also expected to hold a news conference after their arrival. more on that at 11:00. live in santa clara, abc7 news. >> ama: this is from the nfl network. this is new orleans international airport. the team has arrived, and everyone is getting off the plane now. so the team has arrived in new orleans. getting geared up for the super bowl a lot going on this week. of course we always have you covered. i wish i could tell you i was coming off the plane, but maybe shu can tell you who they were. the 49ers are the and ready to take care of business, and a team from abc7 is getting ready to get to new orleans. shu is a former 49ers and will be wearing his super bowl ring. they'll bring you the best coverage and we'll be beating behind the scene updates. >>> in other news, man is in jail, charged with atte
safety. he a flight risk. it took multiple agencies including the u.s. marshals to find him in oakland and bring him back here to san francisco. >> dan: an investigation is now underway into a fiery crash that killed a big rig driver and snarled the morning commute. chp says the big rig collided with a pickup truck on highway 37 at highway 29 in vallejo about 6:40 this morning. it landed on a grassy area below and burst into flames. they pulled the driver from the wreckage but sadly he died later at the hospital. he is identified as 43-year-old william ballard of roseville. the driver of the pickup was not hurt. >> was we show you the damage of a school bus suffered as it was rear-ended by a big rig. there was only one student aboard at the time. neither were hurt. it did shut down the highway for a time so tow trucks could move both of these oversized vehicles out of way. >> the pilot of the it on tank they're smashed into the bay bridge has passed his drug test. it hit the protective bumperer on the bridge at a time of low visibility. they may adopt a new safety plan for the bridge a
that officer was in the neighborhood. police say he was investigating the shooting of a 19-year-old oakland man. no suspects have been arrested in that case and the victim is expected to survive. all of this as the city council is expected to approve hiring of normaller new york city and police chief william brat onto help curve violent crime in oakland. now, that city council meeting starts at 5:30. now, the chief's tactics are controversial and have drawn kbrofts but others believe they'renessry. now cure during that search, they recovered five weapons. one they believe was used to shoot that officerer. >> thank you very much. you mentioned chief bill bratton, protestors plan to fill city hall. the contract bringing former los angeles chief into the city to help lower oakland soaring crime rate. he supports stop and frisk policing allowing office dwrorz detain anyone who looks sus spishus. some believe it will lead towards racial profiling. >>> a community college in texas remains on lock down after a fight turns into a shootout. authorities say two people got into an argument at lone star co
lan, however, that has not yet been voted on. lawmakers continue to tinker witness. >> oakland police are saying very little about the shooting death of a 15-year-old girl. her murder stit's 131 homicide of 2012. she died after being shot yesterday afternoon, walking to the coliseum bart station. she's the 12th person under age 18 to be murdered in oakland this year. the shooter wounded a 14-year-old boy who is expected to survive. detectives haven't said what triggered this shooting. her mother says the young girl was caught in the cross fire and another teen was a target. >> she didn't do nothing to nobody. when people want to go shoot they need to go to iraq, iran and fight if you want to do that. shoot people, innocent people that didn't do nothing to you. >> the death comes squft two weeks after her father died from stomach cancer. >> crosses covering a lawn in san pablo avenue. that memorial grew to 131 crosses this year, one for each person murdered in oakland during 2012. family members of some victims join forward a special memorial service inside of st. clum yurks joining to
on the streets. oakland faces a shortage of officers, the plan calls for putting sheriff deputies on the streets of oakland, including hiring more crime technicians. and the current class will hit the streets inv9'b>á(2Ñ >> we vnlt had an entry level academy in four years, i hope you can be there. the first time in five years we've held a police academy. we need more than that. >> the chief points out they will work in high crime areas supplementing officers on the job there. >> san francisco police close twror finding a man who kill aid dog. they named this man as a suspect. police say he stole money from a woman, when the dog started wark barking from ini had of the car, police say he snatched the dog and tlau it into traffic. the dog died at the vet. a cat is going home after surviving an arrow through the che. tonight the owner wants who can did it held responsible. laura anthony is wlif a story only on abc 7 news. laura? >> this cat just left the hospital with his family. now we're going to show you photos of him yesterday. when he arrived herelgwcñ with n airo please know photos are har
all of those in san francisco. and then, you can also head over to oakland and space and science center, just bring your debit or cred yait yit card and a photo id. it's a great deal. >> looks like a deal. >> thankymydcámÑ >> yes let's talk about the cold weather. >> and. >> there are things changing behind me as we look down embarcadero towards the bay there. the moisture is a little bit higher and wind is blowing. notÃcold tonight. checking out a live picture from our south beach camera. you can see this morning frosty cold. 26 degrees. it's going to be cold. let's check out live doppler 7 but not as chilly as what we saw this morning. you can see clouds beginning to approach, changes are on the way. our live doppler 7 hd will be looking at rain soon here. you'll need umbrellas,li2n@ temperatures falling in upper 40s this, afternoon, it was beautiful in oakland got up to 60 degrees. a little bit milder than where we are. chill yes to cold overnight. and rain is likely for saturday and sunday so if you have weekend plans listen up to the teeming -- timing of the system here.
selling pot. the government tries to prove that sent jer illegal, and must close. the landlords in oakland and san jose say they're at risk as long as pot is sold in their building because the attorney threatened to seize the rental properties fit continues to operate. >> fbi agents spent a day excavating a well. the feds took over the search at request of the sheriff's department. remains of five people have been found in the area. all believed to be victims of two men on a killing spree in 19 80s and 90s. the family of 9-year-old michaela garecht is is waiting to see if dna could solve her missing persons case. she disappeared in 1988. >> a public memorial service will be held for a 19-year-old alisa byrnes. the memorial set for saturday at the alma ms s mater. she was last at a musical festival on new year's eve. her body found about a half mile from the si. an autopsy is underway. today's "los angeles times" reports tracks in the snow appear to show byrne became disoriented after leaving the event. >> today survivors of the deadly 2010 mass shooting in tucson, arizona gather forward a
dictates. he told me he's eager to start. we'll tell but center piece of the strategy. >> oakland mayor talked with reporters about when brat onwill arrive and abc 7 news joins us live with that part of the story. nick? >> good evening, brat onwill be here but kept out of the public eye. at last night's oakland city council meeting, they approved the hiring of bill bratton. it lasted more than eight hours because hundreds of speakers turned out to both support and don condemn the man who have been a lightning road rod for controversy. chief brat oncame under fire for aggressive tactics. same tactics some welcomed. >> brat onis neither the devil, which is saying nor save yoer he's part of a team. he's a person who did develop common sense system. we're trying to implement. i think we can do better with. >> now, it is an accountability process working to reduce crime by better utilizing personnel and law enforcement resources. also part of a strategy that oakland police chief will introduce. the chief is is headed by bob waserman mentioning aproveal is one of only four given the green lig
airport, 26 degrees, 26 sonoma county airport. 40 in san francisco. oakland down to 36 degrees, a little bit of wind there overnightf÷ybj. we had 32 degrees in san jose. 29 in redwood city. once again, freeze warning is in place for tomorrow. temperatures mid-20s to low 30s is where darker purple is on the map. santa claire wra ya valley. we have a frost advisory up for morning as well with temperatures there low to mid-30s. that is for bay shore line. you can see into the white purple. looks like tonight, tomorrow morning could be the last night that we see these temperatures. we'll take a look at the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. >> cold making live tough and endangering lives foréfg earths. these are treacherous days and nights to live out on the streets, obviously. we're live in san jose way look at how people are coping and how people are helping. >> the sun may be shine in the ice rink in downtown san jose, coming down but take a look at what people, and pets are wearing. >> i have about four layers on and its freezing. yae. my dog gos and hides under t
. the fourth was in oakland. crews worked to take the break in hayward. that is where ab 7 news is live. and public work crews have been busy today oo. absolutely. you know they worked to make sure they had that lane of traffic they needed to block reopened in time for rush hour. the evening rush hour, now. you know, 300 people had their service interrept rupted this morn whgt water main break happened. we understand now that there this is because of an aging infrom a structure and a drop in temperatures. >> pipes break. they're old, they break. >> just one set of five to> normal time, eight to 10 hours. >> first give away in concord this, break in mount diablo only affected a few homes. around 4:30 this morning reports made its way to city hall. by 5:00 a.m. crews identified the problem, digging up a section of santa clara street to fix the
. i do want to show you just how cold it was this morning. santa rosa, 24. check out oakland. 35. it was 25 degrees in livermore. redwood city, 28. and that 26 in san jose set a new record. let's talk about tomorrow morning as well as tuesday morning, because temperatures will start to moderate a little bit. tomorrow, santa rosa, 25. you'll notice temperatures will come up a few degrees from tonight. -- actually go down a few degrees. 36 for monday morning, 32, oakland, 30, redwood city. tonight and tomorrow morning, could be one of the coldest nights, and then tuesday the high starts to position itself towards the east, and that's going to mean temperatures moderating. oakland, 38, and look for 35, warmer overnight temperatures for redwood city. so hang on. tonight is cold and then we'll start to warm up as we get into monday night, tuesday morning. right now we're in the 40s. 46 for livermore. 50 in redwood city. and here's a look at the forecast. freezing temps overnight. cool morning through mid-week, and then after that, get ready for a dry week ahead, and also warmer temper
burn unit. another man treated for minor injuries. >> late today oakland police released a search of a man they're looking for. take a look at what we want to show you here. a woman says she's walking on east 12th street back in december, this man grab grabbed her from behind. he tried to pull her into a car with three other men inside shechl got way. police say to call them immediately if you recognize this man. >> a man accused of raping and robbing a woman in her apartment was arraigned today, facing nine felony counts. police say he rushed up to the victim as she entered her residence, threw her on the floor and sexual assaulted her. jones was arrested minutes later with the help of a chp helicopter. >> u.s. interior secretary announced today that he will be leaving his post this march that. can on the same day a tv station released first photos of the bathroom in the interior secretary's office. the bathroom underwent a $220,000 renovation between 2007 and 2009 when the job was under president bush. it includes a $3500 subzero refrigerator and a $690 fawcett paid for by taxpa
into low 60s around santa rosa,?kÑ oakland. so milder today, sunnier, milder conditions tomorrow, colder weather mid week there. is a chance of showers. really light. possibility of snow. so overnight there is a dense fog advisory((c. from midnight until 9:00 a.m. watch out for visibility dropping to about quarter mile or less. you want to give extra time, morning commute will be dicey, much like this morning. we had against fog around. it's a spare the air night. it starts at midnight tonight running through tomorrow. and watch out for the fog. temperatures dropping into upper 30s. other areas around around bait and coast low to mid-40s. there are going to be changes. high pressure pro vigd with us another beautiful day. changes coming. cold system coming out of the gulf of alaska. it's a cold pattern setting up in terms of shower chances but coldest air arriving thursday going into friday. 5:00 a.m. wednesday, clouds around. cold front starts to slide south. by afternoon, slight showers. colder air will settle n there is a possibility snow levels will be running low. if moisture comes
in fairfield and antioch. 45 in livermore, 47 in los gatos. 49 redwood city. 51 in oakland and san francisco. we're going see temperatures dropping much, much lower during overnight hours of forecast features are these. freeze warning. and sunny day as head through friday dwochl have a chance of showers over the weekend. let's take a look at this cold sna. we'll have a freeze warning from 11:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. overnight hours in the north bay. damage to crops, and vegetation is a possibility. for bay shore line same period, 11 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. a frost advise very in effect. low temperatures in these areas dropping between 30 and 34 degrees tonight. sensitive plants are at risk. bundle up if you're going to be outside. here is a look at our projected lows. expecting lows to drop down to 29 degrees in santa rosa tonight. 28 in napa. 31 in concord. 27 in fairfield. 32 in fremont. 40s here in san francisco. it gets colder than that. spare the air alert remains in affect throughout tomorrow. we've had declining air qaultz remaining with us overnight tonight. meaning no burning of wood or fire
. 31 there. 37 fremont. you'll notice oakland half moon bay into low 40s. cloud cover will help you and it's breezy now. that should hold temperatures up. 37 degrees in palo aelt alto 36 san jose. high temperatures saturday, they recovered well. mostly sunny skies and a cool afternoon. 50s in san francisco. you'll see lingering clouds. 51 santa rosa. conk yorksd oakland, fremont, low 50s, antioch, 48 degrees in livermore. around monterey bay, clouds lingering near the coast. 51 in monterey. here is a look at the big game forecast tomorrow night. 49ers take on packers, jacket, sweat shirt is something you'll need and it's going to be cold, but dry. 48 degrees at 5:00 p.m. 58 p.m. talking about temperatures dropping down to mid-40s, accu-weather forecast, cold mornings, saturday, sunday, and monday. temperatures in afternoons staying cool, low 50s upper 40s. then, numbers start to recover, tuesday, through friday large ridge of high pressure builds in. temperatures going rise. not just overnight but daytime as well. up into low 60s around the bay. thursday, and friday. so first we'll
for today, a mild 68 degree day in oakland. up to 72 in santa cruz. if you're planning to head to the beach we do have a beach hazard statement. watch out for sneaker waves this weekend. and here are the temperatures, they're starting to fall. as was under clear skies, 51 in fairfield now. 59, san jose. highlights we're looking at rough surf this weekend. and mild afternoons going into next week.ckwell who with the committee , napa.italians abroad and dropping down to freezing in concord. 38, san jose. as you look at your air quality. poor air quality north bay. looking at moderate air quality, once getting a breeze that will help stir up the atmosphere. high pressure strong ridge through tuesday that. is going to continue to send this torm north of us, speaking of mild, san jose tomorrow, santa clara, 66 degrees, near 70 degrees in los gatos. lots of sunshine. 66 half moon bay. sunset district in the mid-70s, temperatures running above normal for this time of the year. i don't think many people are complaining. 66 in oakland, newark, inland communities, 64 livermore, it's beach weather. 70
in oakland fremont. mountain view. 59 in livermore, 59 up in santa rosa. these are the forecast features. slight chance of showers in the north bay overnight. turning cooler tomorrow. so we'll see milder weather again next week. lows into mid to upper 40s. low to mid-40s in north bay valleys. satellite image shows an approaching cold front. it has moisture with us. a slight chance. cold air mass comes down behind the frontal system going bring us below normal temperatures this weekend. under partly to mostly sunny skies highs into mid to upper 50s. highs of 56 in san mateo. low to mid-50s on the coast in pacifica. a high of 56 tomorrow. up in the north bay, mainly mid-50s. east bay, 58 in oakland. 58 in fremont. highs into mid-50s about 56 in conk yordz, danville. and down near monterey bay, hides up to 59 moving inland to salinas. here is the accu-weather forecast. interesting week of weather coming up. a slight chance of showers overnight tomorrow, partly sunny skies with highs ranging from 54 on coast. nothing higher than 56 degrees around the bay area. we'll see milder weather settli
just received calls from a frustrated driver caught in a traffic jam on i 880 saturday in oakland. they're stuck behind a side show on a freeway. several stopped traffic and a handful spun out in the northbound lane. some of the stuck in traffic shot video of the side show, others called 911 in frustration. listen. >> they're swinging doughnuts in the middle of the freeway, blocking all lanes of traffic. >> guys hanging out with sun roof of mustang and other guys out of the windows of cars. they have all lanes of traffic blocked. >> now, coming up at 6:00 we're going to have more of the calls from the now=#a÷ infamous i 880 side show and latest on the gigs. >> we have a shocking story coming out of new hampshire tonight about a beloved novato woman stabbed to death in a random attack in a hotel. police arrested a suspect today in the killing last night of 70-year-old doctor. she has a pilot's license, volunteered services to fly sick people who needed care. abc 7 news is gining us where she kept her plane. >> yes. hi. well, everybody called her kitty, used her plane to help others. she
at the readings it's 58 degrees now in oakland. 66 in redwood city. lots of mid-50s inland. clouds increase tomorrow and overnight tomorrow night. showers developing in the north bay. then cooler weather pattern beginning by week's end. cold weather interior valleys. lows dropping down to 27 in jant rosa. locations below freezing. 31 in concord, 30s in fairfield, mid to upper 30s around bait. san francisco, mildest low temperatures readings during overnight hours. some active weather out to sea. so may see light showers wednesday, we'll start at 4:00 on wednesday morning. during morning hours, rain staying in the north bay. you can see near golden gate. we'll have wet spots up in the north bay. rainfall totals will probably not be very high. tomorrow, sunny skies and south bay highs from mid to upper 60s. 66 in san jose. peninsula, similar range. 65 insanity san mateo. 67 in mountain view. downtown a high of 65 tomorrow, 64 in the sunset district. mid 60s in the north bay valleys. 63 in napa. fremont 66 in castro valley. cooler and low to mid-60s there. 71 in watsonville and 72 the high in
been sentenced for a sexual assault for his flol a shooting death of the occupy oakland encampment. a 25-year-old man died. 32-year-old isaac mcdaniels told police he gave his gun to the man charged with killing the victim. that man a 23-year-old is in custody awaiting trial. >> a veteran los angeles teacher is under arrest today accused of sexual assaulting 20 students and an adult. lapd detectives say he accused -- abused victims between september, 2011 and march, 2012. he was hired as a teacher when l.a. unified school district in 1974. he was removed from post last march when several girls claimed he touched them during class. he is facing 15 felony sexual abuse charges. bail set at $12 million. >> and no one wants information about detectives posted on facebook wall but under law there is nothing to prevent that from happening. >> this is happening this, is just remarkable. social media opened up a fronteer right now whit comes to debt collecting that fronteer is largely unregulated. think, wild, wild west both consumer financial protection bureau and ftc are proposing stricte
to remain clear throughout the night. we're into 50s and 0s today. got up to 69 degrees in oakland. san francisco, 64 degrees. so warmer than average for this time of the year. that is going hold, clear, cool overnight. mild and it will turn cooler bit middle of the week. this satellite and radar here, shots. that means high and dry for the beekd weekend. enjoy this dry pattern. you know things will be changing. with this dry weather in store, taking a looking at san francisco, it's a dry month. only 49/100ths of rain so far this month. in 2013 that is the third driest in san franci3l)$f since record keeping began. soit has been dry. you're not imagining things. so speaking of 49ers i want to show you the plan for new orleans. it's looking good there. cool sunshine thursday, sunny, mild for friday. slight chance of rain, then, super sunday, niners going to win what. can i say? here in the bay area tomorrow morning make sure you grab a jacket or a sweater, will be another chilly start under clear skies. 35 in napa.kuccÑ 41 in san jose. tomorrow afternoon, mild and sunny. santa rosea, n
at 6:00 oakland policing plan. will it adopt to give up on criminal policy that works in new york or an approach that works better here in the bay area? >> and google glasses. the select group that pays $1500 to play with them today 678 those stories and more coming up at 6:00. now, back to dan and cheryl. >> that looks like fun. thank you. >> anyone looking for a sign 49ers are going win on sunday? qluf got to meet assistant fire chief art kenny. >> he has been a season ticket holder since 1958 and before that, sold team programs. >> he's been to all five niners super bowl and will be at the super dome again with his wife. >> she suggested they go to the first super bowl in 1982. >> it was our wedding anniversary. i said hey, let's use that for a present. so... swe celebrated our 49th anniversary. i must be an omen there. >> he's marking his 49th year as a firefighter. >> great story that. is cool. >>> this is "world news." tonight, scouts honor. a big change. the boy scouts poised to lift their ban on gay scouts and leaders. and tonight, former scouts step forward to speak out.
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